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Wat Up Homes!?!

A Broad Street Beatdown followed by a Canadian Crush, a Canadian Orange Crush that is. I must say whether the devil game or the Canadian game this team is HOT coming from behind or pounding from ahead and staying ahead.

Tonight was no exception to the heat and certainly did not let anyone down before the big olympic break and if Danny Briere isn't on any ones olympic roster I think now might be a good time to add him to your country's roster. Yikes is all i can say for the goalies, those poor souls that face him. The Good news for goalies around the NHL is that he has 20 days to cool off his hot hands. It was definitely his show tonight showing the Canadian crowd that the montra "You can hate me now" should certainly be in effect. For Danny it was two assists that did in the Canadians and the Devils at home and then in front of the booing Canadian crowd tonight it was a Hat Trick that literally shut them up and sent them home early.

The first period literally started off with a punch, when 4 seconds in Laperriere and O'Byrne decided to drop them and give a go. After that, about 4:37 in Danny Briere strikes once on a backhand shot beating Halak for his first. Then about 5 minutes later on a powerplay Mike Richards beats Halak from the circle. The hard hitting, hard playing grinding Flyers seem to be back from the dead. They grinded out the first period, beat the Habs to the pucks and it payed off. With about 5 minutes left in the first period Jeff Carter, who's WHITE hot put in his goal for the 4th straight game, making it 5 goals in 4 games. the only question i have is what kind of thriller, dawn of the dead, zombie curse has awaken these Flyers from their crypts? With their 3-0 lead they completely wore out the Habs in the first period and decimated Halaks confidence with close calls and goals.

As if the first period was any indication, the second period should hold more goals for the Flyers and less confidence for the Habs. As the first, it was much of the same, 3 goals scored in the second as well, but not all by the Flyers. About 7 Minutes in Brian Gionta scored his 17Th of the season on the powerplay opened the scoring. Then 3 minutes later the Flyers got on the board, while shorthanded, Blair Betts puts the team on the board, unassisted. With about a minute left Jaroslav Spacek takes a tripping penalty and the Flyers cease the opportunity to capitalize on it. A big blast from the point is tipped in by the hot handed Danny Briere, for his second of the day and the Flyers 5-1 big lead. The Flyers outplayed,out willed and outworked the Habs in all facets of the game.

The third period is less exciting but still quite the beatdown from the Flyers. They kept motoring and motoring and putting their nose to the grind. The difference between these past 4 games and the games they've been playing up til now is that they played a full 60 minutes. They put that phrase to the test and seemed to have worked it all the way through. It seems like the talent on the ice is now matching the work ethic they should be putting forth. When the Habs took the ice in the 3rd period they did so with Carey Price in net instead of degrading Halak anymore. About 5 minutes into the period Darrell Powe takes a penalty and Scott Gomez makes the Flyers pay. At the 10:53 mark a very confusing play, because Briere gets hauled down but Carter puts it in. Now its ruled a penalty shot and ultimately resulting in one for, yes dare i say, Danny Briere. Well in the first two periods he beat Halak twice and on the penalty shot he out waited and outwitted Carey Price for the Hat trick. Go on Habs fans throw your hats, oh wait, Flyers are taking their beatdowns on the road and beating up on clubs in their own building too. Well I will ask you this Flyers Fans, will it last even through the olympic break, or will the red hot Flyers burn out? Only time will tell if this orange will live to crush another team.

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